Weapon Shop

This type of shop sells weapons. Each time you discover a new weapon shop, an upgrade for each weapons in preceding shops is unlocked (up to a maximum level of 9). Each upgrade increases attack by 1.

The first weapon shop is located at 0.3 km and after that every 1.2 km.

By the 23.1 km Weapon Shop, all weapons will have been made available. Then, the weapon shops will start looping their wares.

List of Weapon Shops Edit

Distance: Weapon 1 Weapon 2 Weapon 3 Weapon 4 Weapon 5
0.3 Long SwordKnifeFire RodClubDice
1.5 StaffBowHalberdStickShuriken
2.7 Gel BladeFlambardIcebardZap LanceEyeball
3.9 AxeHammerChakramWhipLeek
5.1 Wood SwordRapierPistolMonk StaffThief Sword
6.3 Broad SwordFlailIcicleHoly WaterScythe
7.5 TonfaMalletBeam SwordLexiconHot Wing
8.7 HookFishy RodFishCleaverFork
9.9 ShotgunSawGloveSnake WhipBone Rod
11.1 Choc IcePopsicleBayonetReaperGold Dice
12.3 8 HanderRattleStraw ManCarrotBazooka
13.5 Holy StaffGolf ClubGrabberStun GunCrystal
14.7 CockerScorpionIron ClawKatanaCard
15.9 HoseDefenderDarknifeBouquetBroom
17.1 ScissorsBolt CaneBrushNight DicePencil
18.3 Magic WandLollipopUmbrellaLaser GunPen Knife
19.5 BusterKunaiSet SquareFox TailDuck Whip
20.7 CutlassThorn WhipTiger SwordHalbertAngel Arrow
21.9 Big StickGiga SlamFire TongueOld BladeDeath Scythe
23.1 BugnetStun KnifePickaxeIce BallDX Cutter
All weapons available by here.
24.3 Long SwordKnifeFire RodClubDice
25.5 StaffBowHalberdStickShuriken
26.7 Gel BladeFlambardIcebardZap LanceEyeball
27.9 AxeHammerChakramWhipLeek
29.1 Wood SwordRapierPistolMonk StaffThief Sword
30.3 Broad SwordFlailIcicleHoly WaterScythe
31.5 TonfaMalletBeam SwordLexiconHot Wing
32.7 HookFishy RodFishCleaverFork
33.9 ShotgunSawGloveSnake WhipBone Rod
35.1 Choc IcePopsicleBayonetReaperGold Dice
36.3 8 HanderRattleStraw ManCarrotBazooka
37.5 Holy StaffGolf ClubGrabberStun GunCrystal

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