Okay I thought I should start to do some changes before I said I would start, to get ahead on work. Little did I know that table editing is extremely hard. I'm trying to get the current Weapon/Armour table to be more readable by making it so that only five weapons are shown instead of the current fifteen. This means that all the weapons will be shown by how they appear in the shops and how they relate to end teir armours.7

However I have managed to get this into Excel, edited it, but cannot put it back into the Wikia as {cke_protected_XXX} keeps apearing in some slots, the XXX being replaced with numbers, and i don't know what it means. If people are fine with the current table then it is no problem, however some people have complained that it involves a lot of scrolling which can be a pain for people on the mobile version of the website. 

I don't have as much time as I would have hoped, but tomorrow hopefully this will be completely done and cleaned up.

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