Havent been on the wikia for a few days, but when i came back i saw a lot of cleaning to do. Lots of randomers are adding useful things, but in horrible places. If you have a formula for anything please just put it in the calculations page, not right in the middle o a bunch of words, it just doesnt look clean. 

I am starting to compile pictures, hopefully soon to be gifs, of some monsters such as the bosses. Its difficult to upload them because i have to do it from my phone and then the quality deteriorates. I am also going to have to add more stuff to the pet, List of Dungeons, and monster pages as I have progressed further in the game.

I am currently trying to beat vulpis in the marsh area, which is difficult despite having quite good skill set. I might have to start upgrading my equipment.

As of sets i use: Bezerker - Vampcape *2 - Scissors for attacking bosses( it gives No guard and Bide) , Genie - Diviner - Golddice for gold farming ( gives Golddigger , Gold up 40 and chance) , Zomble - Afro - Bouquet *2 for experience farming ( gives Exp Farmer, Exp up 20 and Deathmarch)

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