6/09/2014 I have joined the wiki a few days ago after i started playing the game. I saw that the wiki is massively incomplete and lacking in any information on any monster, dungeon and any useful information about the game. I will post little tips and snipets of information that i find in here. I will also post dates above my additions to the blog. I don't really know how the blogs work on wikia so if someone could help me understand how it works that would be lovely. 

Early Strong set (Red Armour- Broadsword- Fyrgolem)

Decent Mid Game set ( Vampcape - Scissors - Beserker)

Gold Getter Set ( Pirate - Gold Dice - Griffon)


Got further in the game and added the monsters to the dungeon list and will soon finish adding all the monsters to the normal encounters. Added more to stuff to distances and the shops prices. 


Got more pets and am currently stuck at a castle area at 23.2 km. Decided to stick around and buy all the armours and help out with the skill tables and such. I have also started a new project to make sure that everything is simple and well connected by making new pages for the Dungeons and linking them to the List of Dungeons page( help is asked for to speed up the proccess). Also I will be soon adding the pages for the lower monsters, however it will be a pain because they also spawn at further distances which i need to find out as well. All in all this will be busy. 


Started a vote on overhauling the Skills page, which is some ugly page I might say. It's too chunky and full of scrolling and is painful to look through, even for basic things. There are so many combinations that can't be fit onto one table, yet we have some how tried to.

Got further into the game, stuck on beating Frankie but that wont last long. I have also bought all the armours till page 6 (which only needs three more), I worked my way through the early armours as they are cheaper. My set up for getting gold might change from Griffon - Pirate - Gold Dice, however it does seem to work, but i might give some other set up that i found in the comment section. 

So far the wikia is almost complete, in terms of getting information. It's impressive, all it needs is cleaning up and adding a few pages here and there and pictures to make it more colorful.

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