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  • Clankerz

    Poll results

    November 1, 2014 by Clankerz

    Judging from the results of the poll, more effort should be placed into the Combinations pages and the Skill pages than the others as they are used much more. I will attempt to fill in as many blanks as possible in the Weapon/Armour combo page but will try to find time to do the other pages as well. Currently quite difficult with all the work i have to do at the moment. The distance page will also be finished eventually as that doesn't require a lot of work to do, just a few gaps to fill in towards the end. 

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  • Clankerz


    October 28, 2014 by Clankerz

    I'm a currently busy and will be for a while as I do have some stuff to sort out not relating to the Wiki. I will be back shortly but I may be away from major editing, i will try to contribute daily but in small quantities. If you have any questions I will still be on twitter and you can post a message on my wall or down in the forums and I will try to see if I can answer it. 


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  • Clankerz

    /weapon/Armour filling

    October 24, 2014 by Clankerz

    Today I will be filling in all of the weapon/armour table, that way we can focus our attention at other areas. I will be saving all changes to the table after each weapon i fill, that way you can see all the changes quicker as well as make sure no errors occur during the process and erase all things done.

    If there is a blank space in the table like below:

    Blank No Skill

    Please notify me so I can fill it in and make sure there is the correct information placed inside. This process may take a long time, due to being a very big list to get through. I will be starting with end tier weapons, so if you want to help out please make sure that all first teir weapons are correctly filled out and completely filled out.

    Update: Oh god this is long......m…

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  • Clankerz

    Congratz to the Wiki

    October 22, 2014 by Clankerz

    We have finally finished placing information into the List of Dungeons page of the wiki. This means we can remove the W.I.P sign on it on the front page.  It also means we can focus our attention to other branches of the wiki which need revisons on such as the Distance , Weapon/Armour and other combination pages. We are one step closer to a complete wiki.

    In other news I am getting close to beating Dossboss finally. I got him down to half health but then ran out of Rise Ups so then I have to wait, and while I wait I grow stronger in the Training area. He will be taken down soon.

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  • Clankerz

    Catering to the Crowd

    October 19, 2014 by Clankerz

    Okay I have been organizing pages and making sure stuff has categories now, that way people can jump from page to relevant page by clicking the category down at the bottom. I have also added a few monsters to distance and asked the community to help with that, as it is a easy page to finish as you just have to put in the monsters.

    One thing i have noticed is that the Visual Editor is not working with the Distance, due to an error with complex coding. I haven't noticed this before, but it might scare people from editing the page as it puts a complex way of editing instead if you just click the edit button. To combat this I have found that if you select the visual editor option from the drop down menu when clicking edit, you can edit it in Vi…

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