Update HistoryEdit

Version   Date (D/M/Y) Update History
1.0.21 19/05/2014
  • Fixed a bug which cause invisible buildings.
1.0.20 19/05/2014
  • Fixed the training skip button not displaying
  • Added doors to previously cleared dungeons (Felled bosses do not drop treasure)
  • Fixed treasure log persisting over save files
  • Revised the relationship between INT and magic defense
  • Made equipment level also affect attack power, magic defense, etc.
  • Made absorption skill weaker against brutal monsters.
  • Change so that bosses are not revealed in training.
1.0.19 15/05/2014
  • Fixed a bug with scenery not appearing
  • Moved the clock
  • Added display of gold acquisition rate
  • Fixed a bug with poison's effects carrying on in death
  • No longer move when touching the top half of the screen
1.0.18 13/05/2014
  • Fixed a bug with scenery not appearing.
  • Added a readout of current distance
  • Reviewed the rate of the appearance of brutal monsters
  • Amended the training screen
  • Fixed the elemental relationship between ice and water
1.0.17 10/05/2014
  • Fixed an automatic save problem
1.0.16 09/05/2014
  • Fixed an automatic save problem
1.0.15 09/05/2014
  • Fixed a bug where save data deletes on update
  • Cut prices in weapon and armor shops
1.0.14 08/05/2014
  • Put title screen skip back in, made a temporary fix for save data deletion
1.0.13 08/05/2014
  • Fixed a bug with not getting Treasure levels
  • Changed tutorial screen (on first launch)
  • Removed title screen skip
1.0.12 08/05/2014
  • Fixed a problem where BGM kept playing even after pressing "Home"
  • Fixed a terminal startup problem (less memory used)
  • Added time display
1.0.11 07/05/2014
  • Show treasure acquisitions in info menu
  • Fixed a bug in item "sets"
1.0.10 06/05/2014
  • Added an option to turn off hit effects
  • Added in "brutal" monsters (powerful randomly spawning monsters)
  •  These are indicated by a skull
  • Added enemies and equipment
  • Added a category in the help screen
  • Readjusted the random equipment button
1.0.9 05/05/2014
  • Revised boss stats
  • Fixed a bug where you cannot return to the castle on death
  • Show if you already own a monster as a pet
  • Revised the gold gained from Mimics based on level
  • Improved the relationship between accuracy and luck
1.0.8 04/05/2014
  • Increased the distance needed to acquire gold
  • Increased player movement speed
  • Set max auto-levelling allocation to 99
  • Fixed the number of Magic Doors (previously infinite)
1.0.7 03/05/2014
  • Added item "sets" function
  • Improved the relationship between intelligence and accuracy
  • Fixed the BGM never stopping
1.0.6 02/04/2014
  • Japanese spelling error corrected 「ほのう」->「ほのお」
  • Added a "next" and "previous" button to the equipment screens
  • Added a loop between the last and first pages of equipment
  • Fixed damage calculation with the "Chance" skill
1.0.5 30/04/2014
  • Fixed level-up components
  • Revised prices of recovery in shops
  • Fixed Twitter function
1.0.4 30/04/2014
  • Fixed level-up components
  • Revised prices of recovery in shops
1.0.3 29/04/2014
  • Fixed tutorial screen on launch
  • Added key functionality (back key goes back, menu key goes to the menu)
  • Added an advertisement on application end

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