Monsters appears more rarely.


Weapon-Armor Armor-Pet Pet-Weapon
Weapons Armor
Armor Pets
Pets Weapons
Green ShroomKnife
Poo SlimeLong Sword
Poo SlimeKnife
Poo SlimeFire Rod
Poo SlimeClub
Poo SlimeStaff
Poo SlimeBow
Poo SlimeHalberd
Poo SlimeStick
Poo SlimeShuriken
Poo SlimeGel Blade
Poo SlimeFlambard
Poo SlimeIcebard
Poo SlimeZap Lance
Poo SlimeEyeball
Poo SlimeAxe
Poo SlimeHammer
Poo SlimeChakram
Poo SlimeWhip
Poo SlimeLeek
Poo SlimeWood Sword
Poo SlimeRapier
Poo SlimePistol
Poo SlimeMonk Staff
Poo SlimeThief Sword
Poo SlimeBroad Sword
Poo SlimeFlail
Poo SlimeIcicle
Poo SlimeHoly Water
Poo SlimeScythe
Poo SlimeTonfa
Poo SlimeMallet
Poo SlimeBeam Sword
Poo SlimeLexicon
Poo SlimeHot Wing
Poo SlimeHook
Poo SlimeFishy Rod
Poo SlimeFish
Poo SlimeCleaver
Poo SlimeFork
Poo SlimeShotgun
Poo SlimeSaw
Poo SlimeGlove
Poo SlimeSnake Whip
Poo SlimeBone Rod
Poo SlimeChoc Ice
Poo SlimePopsicle
Poo SlimeBayonet
Poo SlimeReaper
Poo Slime8 Hander
Poo SlimeRattle
Poo SlimeStraw Man
Poo SlimeCarrot
Poo SlimeBazooka
Poo SlimeHoly Staff
Poo SlimeGolf Club
Poo SlimeGrabber
Poo SlimeStun Gun
Poo SlimeCrystal
Poo SlimeCocker
Poo SlimeScorpion
Poo SlimeIron Claw
Poo SlimeKatana
Poo SlimeCard
Poo SlimeHose
Poo SlimeDefender
Poo SlimeDarknife
Poo SlimeBouquet
Poo SlimeBroom
Poo SlimeScissors
Poo SlimeBolt Cane
Poo SlimeBrush
Poo SlimePencil
Poo SlimeMagic Wand
Poo SlimeLollipop
Poo SlimeUmbrella
Poo SlimeLaser Gun
Poo SlimePen Knife
Poo SlimeBuster
Poo SlimeKunai
Poo SlimeSet Square
Poo SlimeFox Tail
Poo SlimeDuck Whip
Poo SlimeCutlass
Poo SlimeThorn Whip
Poo SlimeTiger Sword
Poo SlimeHalbert
Poo SlimeAngel Arrow
Poo SlimePickaxe
Poo SlimeDX Cutter

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