PRICE: 282
STORE: 1.5 km

Stats For LevelEdit

Level Price Power
1 282 3
2 501 4
3 784 5
4 1128 6
5 1536 7
6 2007 8
7 2540 9
8 3136 10
9 3794 11


With Armor With Pet
Armor Skills
Holy RobeHealer
White RobeHealer
Cat EarsMGuard Up 30
TaoistExp Farmer
SchoolboySlow Hit
ExplorerGuard Up 50
Pets Skills
NoneMagic Hit
SlimeMagic Hit
AntagonyMagic Hit
Hell HareMagic Hit
Hot StuffMagic Hit
SpiderMagic Hit
Eye GuyMagic Hit
Mini BearMagic Hit
BatMagic Hit
MuddyMagic Hit
GargoyleMagic Hit
GrimmyMagic Hit
KillabeeMagic Hit
TriffidMagic Hit
BulbeyeMagic Hit
GiraffeMagic Hit
HarpieMagic Hit
BeetleMagic Hit
TreevilMagic Hit
Pink ShroomMagic Hit
StumpyMagic Hit
Mag ManMagic Hit
Cool GuyMagic Hit
Mega SlugMagic Hit
MermanMagic Hit
SheepishMagic Hit
OstrichMagic Hit
GolemMagic Hit
Lava GlobMagic Hit
BerserkerMagic Hit
ChimeraMagic Hit
LickyMagic Hit
SkeletonMagic Hit
ZombieMagic Hit
WraithMagic Hit
Death GodMagic Hit
UndineMagic Hit
Mr. GermsMagic Hit
CentaurMagic Hit
DragonMagic Hit
DaemonMagic Hit
Sir SlimeMagic Hit
PumpkinMagic Hit
DwarfMagic Hit
TrollMagic Hit
Fly EyeMagic Hit
TornadoMagic Hit
Eat RootMagic Hit
Black KnightMagic Hit
OctopusMagic Hit
SquidMagic Hit
MermaidMagic Hit
WispMagic Hit
Ice BirdMagic Hit
BehemothMagic Hit
GriffonMagic Hit
Green SlimeMagic Hit
MinotaurMagic Hit
SnowmanMagic Hit
SorcererMagic Hit
Green ShroomMagic Hit
MudmanMagic Hit
MummyMagic Hit
TerrapinMagic Hit
Sky DragonMagic Hit
FallenMagic Hit
Evil EyeMagic Hit
Gold KnightMagic Hit
Fire GolemMagic Hit
WitcherMagic Hit
Death RootMagic Hit
Black ShroomMagic Hit
AhrimanMagic Hit
MedusaMagic Hit
ZombleDeath March
Yellow DragonMagic Hit
BirdMagic Hit
BladeMagic Hit
CerberusMagic Hit
Poo SlimeStinky
MagneyeMagic Hit
Death MageMagic Hit
Dark KnightMagic Hit
SatanMagic Hit
ScorpionMagic Hit
Gas CloudMagic Hit
Magma SlimeMagic Hit
Rot GodMagic Hit
MaskMagic Hit
GremlinMagic Hit
U JellyMagic Hit
Polar BearMagic Hit
Draco ManMagic Hit
Night MareMagic Hit
LionelMagic Hit
Night BirdMagic Hit
ShockerMagic Hit
Zap GolemMagic Hit
GenieMagic Hit
SkelliorMagic Hit
Snow GlobMagic Hit
GarudaMagic Hit
EyecicleMagic Hit
ViolantMagic Hit
Shell SlimeMagic Hit
Ice GolemMagic Hit
UnicornMagic Hit
Game OgreMagic Hit
Mad BirdMagic Hit
Eely DanMagic Hit
Blue DragonMagic Hit
FirezardMagic Hit
MerdineMagic Hit
GnomeMagic Hit
WyburnMagic Hit
SakuraMagic Hit
Duo SlimeMagic Hit
Death BugMagic Hit
YetiMagic Hit
GolemechMagic Hit
MonkeyMagic Hit
PokeyMagic Hit
BubblesMagic Hit
Pink SpiderMagic Hit
Gecko ManMagic Hit
BaalMagic Hit
HandselMagic Hit
AmmoniteMagic Hit
LamiaMagic Hit
CyclopsMagic Hit
Poke KingMagic Hit
LuminosMagic Hit
CavalrosMagic Hit
Red DevilMagic Hit
Blue DevilMagic Hit
SpiritMagic Hit
Black CatMagic Hit
WitchMagic Hit
PhantomMagic Hit
FlymeMagic Hit
SkraggonMagic Hit
BalloonMagic Hit
StrawbyMagic Hit
PakupakuMagic Hit
MantisMagic Hit
FlyrrelMagic Hit
SocketMagic Hit
KappaMagic Hit
EyerollMagic Hit
LanternMagic Hit
Snow GirlMagic Hit
BrollyMagic Hit
Ore SlimeMagic Hit
Ore KingMagic Hit
MimicMagic Hit
Dr. GillMagic Hit
CannibisMagic Hit
WightMagic Hit
OctoblueMagic Hit
DevilMagic Hit
VolcanisMagic Hit
ShadyMagic Hit
LuciferMagic Hit
Lucifer XMagic Hit
DumboMagic Hit
SandwyrmMagic Hit
PeachesMagic Hit
FrankieMagic Hit
UFOMagic Hit
KongMagic Hit
VulpusMagic Hit
KingMagic Hit
Doss BossMagic Hit

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