Your Hp regen become "x" instead of 1. (Max 10)

The weapon Hot Wing gives Recovery 2. The pet Dr. Gill gives Recovery 10.


Recovery 2Edit

Weapon-Armor Armor-Pet Pet-Weapon
Weapons Armor
StickRock Armor
Monk StaffInvisible Cloak
Holy WaterDna Suit
Hot WingLion Heart
Fishy RodHunt Robe
FishHunt Robe
FishFly Suit
Choc IceRags
CarrotMole Armor
Armor Pets
Hero ArmorSlime
Mermaid TailSir Slime
Pets Weapons
NoneHot Wing
SlimeHot Wing
AntagonyHot Wing
Hell HareHot Wing
Hot StuffHot Wing
SpiderHot Wing
Eye GuyHot Wing
Mini BearHot Wing
Mini BearFish
BatHot Wing
MuddyHot Wing
GargoyleHot Wing
GrimmyHot Wing
KillabeeHot Wing
TriffidHot Wing
BulbeyeHot Wing
GiraffeHot Wing
HarpieHot Wing
BeetleGel Blade
BeetleHot Wing
TreevilHot Wing
Pink ShroomHot Wing
StumpyHot Wing
Mag ManHot Wing
Cool GuyHot Wing
Mega SlugHoly Water
Mega SlugHot Wing
MermanHot Wing
SheepishHot Wing
GolemHot Wing
Lava GlobHot Wing
BerserkerHot Wing
ChimeraHot Wing
LickyHot Wing
SkeletonHot Wing
ZombieHot Wing
WraithHot Wing
Death GodHot Wing
UndineHot Wing
Mr. GermsHot Wing
CentaurHot Wing
DragonHot Wing
DaemonHot Wing
Sir SlimeHot Wing
PumpkinHot Wing
DwarfHot Wing
TrollHot Wing
Fly EyeHot Wing
TornadoHot Wing
Eat RootHot Wing
Black KnightHot Wing
OctopusHot Wing
SquidHot Wing
MermaidHot Wing
WispHot Wing
BehemothHot Wing
GriffonHot Wing
Green SlimeHot Wing
MinotaurHot Wing
SnowmanHot Wing
SorcererHot Wing
Green ShroomHot Wing
MudmanHot Wing
MummyHot Wing
TerrapinHot Wing
Sky DragonHot Wing
FallenHot Wing
Evil EyeHot Wing
Gold KnightHot Wing
Fire GolemHot Wing
WitcherHot Wing
Death RootHot Wing
Black ShroomHot Wing
AhrimanHot Wing
MedusaHot Wing
Yellow DragonHot Wing
BladeHot Wing
CerberusHot Wing
MagneyeHot Wing
Death MageHot Wing
Dark KnightHot Wing
SatanHot Wing
ScorpionHot Wing
Gas CloudHot Wing
Magma SlimeHot Wing
Rot GodHot Wing
MaskHot Wing
GremlinHot Wing
U JellyHot Wing
Polar BearHot Wing
Draco ManHot Wing
Night MareHot Wing
LionelHot Wing
ShockerHot Wing
Zap GolemHot Wing
GenieHot Wing
SkelliorHot Wing
Snow GlobHot Wing
GarudaHot Wing
EyecicleHot Wing
ViolantHot Wing
Shell SlimeHot Wing
Ice GolemHot Wing
UnicornHot Wing
Game OgreHot Wing
Eely DanHot Wing
Blue DragonHot Wing
FirezardHot Wing
MerdineHot Wing
GnomeHot Wing
WyburnHot Wing
SakuraHot Wing
Duo SlimeHot Wing
Death BugLeek
Death BugHot Wing
YetiHot Wing
GolemechHot Wing
MonkeyHot Wing
PokeyHot Wing
BubblesHot Wing
Pink SpiderHot Wing
Gecko ManHoly Water
Gecko ManHot Wing
BaalHot Wing
HandselHot Wing
AmmoniteHot Wing
LamiaHot Wing
CyclopsHot Wing
Poke KingHot Wing
LuminosHot Wing
CavalrosHot Wing
Red DevilHot Wing
Blue DevilHot Wing
SpiritHot Wing
Black CatHot Wing
WitchHot Wing
PhantomHot Wing
FlymeHot Wing
SkraggonHot Wing
BalloonHot Wing
StrawbyHot Wing
PakupakuHot Wing
MantisHot Wing
FlyrrelHot Wing
SocketHot Wing
KappaHot Wing
EyerollHot Wing
LanternHot Wing
Snow GirlHot Wing
BrollyHot Wing
Ore SlimeHot Wing
Ore KingHot Wing
MimicHot Wing
Dr. GillHot Wing
CannibisHot Wing
WightHot Wing
OctoblueHot Wing
DevilHot Wing
VolcanisHot Wing
ShadyHot Wing
LuciferHot Wing
Lucifer XHot Wing
DumboHot Wing
SandwyrmHot Wing
PeachesHot Wing
FrankieHot Wing
UFOHot Wing
KongHot Wing
VulpusHot Wing
KingHot Wing
Doss BossHot Wing

Recovery 5Edit

Weapon-Armor Armor-Pet Pet-Weapon
Weapons Armor
Long SwordMermaid Tail
Holy WaterHunt Monster
Holy WaterRoach
Holy WaterMermaid Tail
Holy WaterSchoolboy
Hot WingSumo Suit
Hot WingFly Suit
Choc IceSumo Suit
Choc IceAngel
PopsicleSumo Suit
RattleHoot Suit
Armor Pets
Hunt RobeStumpy
Pig TailsSir Slime
Arab RobeBlack Cat
Hare SuitEat Root
Lord RobeBlack Cat
Lion HeartDumbo
ApronDr. Gill
Mermaid TailMerdine
Mole ArmorGnome
PriestDr. Gill
Pets Weapons
SlimeHoly Water
TriffidHoly Water
WraithMonk Staff
Sir SlimeChoc Ice
Ice BirdHot Wing
BirdHot Wing
Night BirdHot Wing
Zap GolemMonk Staff
GnomeSet Square
YetiChoc Ice
BaalChoc Ice
PeachesMonk Staff

Recovery 10Edit

Weapon-Armor Armor-Pet Pet-Weapon
Weapons Armor
Holy WaterKappa
Holy WaterBoxer
Hot WingFishy
Hot WingTrunks
Choc IceApron
Choc IceOnesie
DefenderBuff Armor
BouquetRock Armor
LollipopFly Suit
Armor Pets
Frog SuitBubbles
Sumo SuitSir Slime
PirateDr. Gill
Vamp CapeBat
Mermaid TailDr. Gill
QueenlyPink Spider
Pets Weapons
OstrichHot Wing
Zap GolemStun Gun
Mad BirdHot Wing
SpiritMonk Staff
StrawbyGel Blade
Dr. GillLong Sword
Dr. GillKnife
Dr. GillFire Rod
Dr. GillClub
Dr. GillBow
Dr. GillHalberd
Dr. GillStick
Dr. GillShuriken
Dr. GillGel Blade
Dr. GillFlambard
Dr. GillIcebard
Dr. GillZap Lance
Dr. GillEyeball
Dr. GillAxe
Dr. GillHammer
Dr. GillChakram
Dr. GillWhip
Dr. GillLeek
Dr. GillWood Sword
Dr. GillRapier
Dr. GillPistol
Dr. GillMonk Staff
Dr. GillThief Sword
Dr. GillBroad Sword
Dr. GillFlail
Dr. GillIcicle
Dr. GillHoly Water
Dr. GillScythe
Dr. GillTonfa
Dr. GillMallet
Dr. GillBeam Sword
Dr. GillLexicon
Dr. GillHook
Dr. GillFishy Rod
Dr. GillFish
Dr. GillCleaver
Dr. GillFork
Dr. GillShotgun
Dr. GillSaw
Dr. GillGlove
Dr. GillSnake Whip
Dr. GillBone Rod
Dr. GillChoc Ice
Dr. GillPopsicle
Dr. GillBayonet
Dr. GillReaper
Dr. Gill8 Hander
Dr. GillRattle
Dr. GillStraw Man
Dr. GillCarrot
Dr. GillBazooka
Dr. GillHoly Staff
Dr. GillGolf Club
Dr. GillGrabber
Dr. GillStun Gun
Dr. GillCrystal
Dr. GillCocker
Dr. GillScorpion
Dr. GillIron Claw
Dr. GillKatana
Dr. GillCard
Dr. GillHose
Dr. GillDefender
Dr. GillDarknife
Dr. GillBouquet
Dr. GillBroom
Dr. GillScissors
Dr. GillBolt Cane
Dr. GillBrush
Dr. GillPencil
Dr. GillMagic Wand
Dr. GillLollipop
Dr. GillUmbrella
Dr. GillLaser Gun
Dr. GillPen Knife
Dr. GillBuster
Dr. GillKunai
Dr. GillSet Square
Dr. GillFox Tail
Dr. GillDuck Whip
Dr. GillCutlass
Dr. GillThorn Whip
Dr. GillTiger Sword
Dr. GillHalbert
Dr. GillAngel Arrow
Dr. GillPickaxe
Dr. GillDX Cutter

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