PRICE: 3564
STORE: 10.5 km

Stats For LevelEdit

Level Price Guard
1 3564 15
2 4055 16
3  ??? 17
4  ??? 18
5  ??? 19
6  ??? 20
7  ??? 21
8  ??? 22
9  ??? 23


With Weapon With Pet
Weapons Skills
Long SwordSpeed Up 10
StickMGuard Up 30
AxePower Up 20
HammerGuard Up 20
Thief SwordBide
SawSpeed Up 30
Snake WhipGuard Up 20
Bone RodElem Up 20
RattleRecovery 5
Straw ManSlow Hit
BroomAcc Up 30
BrushExp Farmer
Fox TailPower Up 30
HalbertBody Slam
Giga SlamPower Up 30
Pets Skills
NoneNight Owl
SlimeNight Owl
AntagonyNight Owl
Hell HareNight Owl
Hot StuffNight Owl
SpiderNight Owl
Eye GuyNight Owl
Mini BearNight Owl
BatPower Up 20
MuddyNight Owl
GargoyleNight Owl
GrimmyMGuard Up 20
KillabeeNight Owl
TriffidSpeed Up 10
BulbeyeNight Owl
GiraffeNight Owl
HarpieNight Owl
BeetleNight Owl
TreevilNight Owl
Pink ShroomNight Owl
StumpyNight Owl
Mag ManNight Owl
Cool GuyNight Owl
Mega SlugNight Owl
MermanNight Owl
SheepishNight Owl
OstrichNight Owl
GolemNight Owl
Lava GlobNight Owl
BerserkerNight Owl
ChimeraNight Owl
LickyNight Owl
SkeletonNight Owl
ZombieNight Owl
WraithNight Owl
Death GodNight Owl
UndineNight Owl
Mr. GermsNight Owl
CentaurNight Owl
DragonNight Owl
DaemonNight Owl
Sir SlimeNight Owl
PumpkinNight Owl
DwarfNight Owl
TrollNight Owl
Fly EyeNight Owl
TornadoNight Owl
Eat RootNight Owl
Black KnightNight Owl
OctopusNight Owl
SquidNight Owl
MermaidNight Owl
WispNight Owl
Ice BirdNight Owl
BehemothNight Owl
GriffonNight Owl
Green SlimeNight Owl
MinotaurNight Owl
SnowmanNight Owl
SorcererNight Owl
Green ShroomNight Owl
MudmanNight Owl
MummyNight Owl
TerrapinNight Owl
Sky DragonNight Owl
FallenNight Owl
Evil EyeNight Owl
Gold KnightNight Owl
Fire GolemNight Owl
WitcherNight Owl
Death RootNight Owl
Black ShroomNight Owl
PhoenixNight Owl
AhrimanNight Owl
MedusaNight Owl
ZombleNight Owl
Yellow DragonNight Owl
BirdNight Owl
BladeNight Owl
CerberusNight Owl
Poo SlimeNight Owl
MagneyeNight Owl
Death MageNight Owl
Dark KnightNight Owl
SatanNight Owl
ScorpionNight Owl
Gas CloudNight Owl
Magma SlimeNight Owl
Rot GodNight Owl
MaskNight Owl
GremlinNight Owl
U JellyNight Owl
Polar BearNight Owl
Draco ManNight Owl
Night MareNight Owl
LionelNight Owl
Night BirdNight Owl
ShockerNight Owl
Zap GolemNight Owl
GenieNight Owl
SkelliorNight Owl
Snow GlobNight Owl
GarudaNight Owl
EyecicleNight Owl
ViolantNight Owl
Shell SlimeNight Owl
Ice GolemNight Owl
UnicornNight Owl
Game OgreNight Owl
Mad BirdNight Owl
Eely DanNight Owl
Blue DragonNight Owl
FirezardNight Owl
MerdineNight Owl
GnomeNight Owl
WyburnNight Owl
SakuraNight Owl
Duo SlimeNight Owl
Death BugNight Owl
YetiNight Owl
GolemechNight Owl
MonkeyNight Owl
PokeyNight Owl
BubblesNight Owl
Pink SpiderNight Owl
Gecko ManNight Owl
BaalNight Owl
HandselNight Owl
AmmoniteNight Owl
LamiaNight Owl
CyclopsNight Owl
Poke KingNight Owl
LuminosNight Owl
CavalrosNight Owl
Red DevilNight Owl
Blue DevilNight Owl
SpiritNight Owl
Black CatNight Owl
WitchNight Owl
PhantomNight Owl
FlymeNight Owl
SkraggonNight Owl
BalloonNight Owl
StrawbyNight Owl
PakupakuNight Owl
MantisNight Owl
FlyrrelNight Owl
SocketNight Owl
KappaNight Owl
EyerollNight Owl
LanternNight Owl
Snow GirlNight Owl
BrollyNight Owl
Ore SlimeNight Owl
Ore KingNight Owl
MimicNight Owl
Dr. GillNight Owl
CannibisNight Owl
WightNight Owl
OctoblueNight Owl
DevilNight Owl
VolcanisNight Owl
ShadyNight Owl
LuciferNight Owl
Lucifer XNight Owl
DumboNight Owl
SandwyrmNight Owl
PeachesNight Owl
FrankieNight Owl
UFONight Owl
KongNight Owl
VulpusNight Owl
KingNight Owl
Doss BossNight Owl

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