Gold is one of the main elements of the game. It is needed to buy Weapons and Armour which are necessary to complete the game.

How To Get Gold?Edit

You automatically gain gold when you defeat a monster. The amount of gold gained is affected by LUK stat and skill of your equipment.

Skills that can increase gold gain:

  • GoldDigger  (Double gold gain but reduce exp gain by 1/3)
  • GoldUp x%  (Increase gold gain by x%)
  • TreUp x%    (Indirectly due to more chests which may contain gold)

Tips And TricksEdit

To obtain gold faster you might want to consider pumping up your LUK stat or use some of the following builds down below.

  • Gold Farm VLazy V1- Popsicle / Ribbon / Zomble (Golddigger , Deathmarch)
  • Gold Farm VLazy V2 - Hook / Thief / Zomble (Golddigger , Deathmarch , Spdup 10)
  • Gold/Treasure Farm  - Golddice / Pirate / Lamia ( Golddigger , Treaup 20 , Chance)
  • Gold Farm V1 - Golddice / Pirate / Griffon (Golddigger , Goldup 20 , Chance)
  • Gold Farm V2 - Golddice / Diviner / Genie (Golddigger, Goldup 40 , Chance)
  • Gold Farm V3 - Golddice / Clown / Dumbo (Goldup 30, Chance, Goldup 30)
  • Treasure FarmV1 - Longswd / Pirate / Lamia (Treaup 30 , Treaup 20)
  • Treasure Farm V1.5 - Popsicle / Swindler / B. Dragon (Treaup 30 , Treaup 20 , Lucky)

Click here to see some more builds.

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