PRICE: 7208
STORE: 16.5 km

Stats For LevelEdit

Level Price Guard
1 7208 16
2 8138 17
3 9123 18
4  ??? 19
5  ??? 20
6  ??? 21
7  ??? 22
8  ??? 23
9  ??? 24


With Weapon With Pet
Weapons Skills
KnifeSpeed Up 20
Hot WingDemon Dash
Gold DiceLucky
RattleWeakness Up
BrushEarly Bird
KunaiSpeed Up 30
Big StickAvoid Risk
Pets Skills
NoneAvoid Risk
SlimeAvoid Risk
AntagonyAvoid Risk
Hell HareAvoid Risk
Hot StuffAvoid Risk
SpiderAvoid Risk
Eye GuyAvoid Risk
Mini BearAvoid Risk
BatAvoid Risk
MuddyAvoid Risk
GargoyleAvoid Risk
GrimmyAvoid Risk
KillabeeAvoid Risk
TriffidAvoid Risk
BulbeyeAvoid Risk
GiraffeAvoid Risk
HarpieAvoid Risk
BeetleAvoid Risk
TreevilAvoid Risk
Pink ShroomAvoid Risk
StumpyAvoid Risk
Mag ManAvoid Risk
Cool GuyAvoid Risk
Mega SlugAvoid Risk
MermanAvoid Risk
SheepishAvoid Risk
OstrichAvoid Risk
GolemAvoid Risk
Lava GlobAvoid Risk
BerserkerAvoid Risk
ChimeraAvoid Risk
LickyAvoid Risk
SkeletonAvoid Risk
ZombieAvoid Risk
WraithAvoid Risk
Death GodAvoid Risk
UndineAvoid Risk
Mr. GermsAvoid Risk
CentaurAvoid Risk
DragonAvoid Risk
DaemonAvoid Risk
Sir SlimeAvoid Risk
PumpkinAvoid Risk
DwarfAvoid Risk
TrollAvoid Risk
Fly EyeAvoid Risk
TornadoAvoid Risk
Eat RootAvoid Risk
Black KnightAvoid Risk
OctopusAvoid Risk
SquidAvoid Risk
MermaidAvoid Risk
WispAvoid Risk
Ice BirdAvoid Risk
BehemothAvoid Risk
GriffonAvoid Risk
Green SlimeAvoid Risk
MinotaurAvoid Risk
SnowmanAvoid Risk
SorcererAvoid Risk
Green ShroomAvoid Risk
MudmanAvoid Risk
MummyAvoid Risk
TerrapinAvoid Risk
Sky DragonAvoid Risk
FallenAvoid Risk
Evil EyeAvoid Risk
Gold KnightAvoid Risk
Fire GolemAvoid Risk
WitcherAvoid Risk
Death RootAvoid Risk
Black ShroomAvoid Risk
PhoenixAvoid Risk
AhrimanAvoid Risk
MedusaAvoid Risk
ZombleAvoid Risk
Yellow DragonAvoid Risk
BirdAvoid Risk
BladeAvoid Risk
CerberusAvoid Risk
Poo SlimeAvoid Risk
MagneyeAvoid Risk
Death MageAvoid Risk
Dark KnightAvoid Risk
SatanAvoid Risk
ScorpionAvoid Risk
Gas CloudAvoid Risk
Magma SlimeAvoid Risk
Rot GodAvoid Risk
MaskAvoid Risk
GremlinAvoid Risk
U JellyAvoid Risk
Polar BearAvoid Risk
Draco ManAvoid Risk
Night MareAvoid Risk
LionelAvoid Risk
Night BirdAvoid Risk
ShockerAvoid Risk
Zap GolemAvoid Risk
GenieAvoid Risk
SkelliorAvoid Risk
Snow GlobAvoid Risk
GarudaAvoid Risk
EyecicleAvoid Risk
ViolantAvoid Risk
Shell SlimeAvoid Risk
Ice GolemAvoid Risk
UnicornAvoid Risk
Game OgreAvoid Risk
Mad BirdAvoid Risk
Eely DanAvoid Risk
Blue DragonAvoid Risk
FirezardAvoid Risk
MerdineAvoid Risk
GnomeAvoid Risk
WyburnAvoid Risk
SakuraAvoid Risk
Duo SlimeAvoid Risk
Death BugAvoid Risk
YetiAvoid Risk
GolemechAvoid Risk
MonkeyAvoid Risk
PokeyAvoid Risk
BubblesAvoid Risk
Pink SpiderAvoid Risk
Gecko ManAvoid Risk
BaalAvoid Risk
HandselAvoid Risk
AmmoniteAvoid Risk
LamiaAvoid Risk
CyclopsAvoid Risk
Poke KingAvoid Risk
LuminosAvoid Risk
CavalrosAvoid Risk
Red DevilAvoid Risk
Blue DevilAvoid Risk
SpiritAvoid Risk
Black CatAvoid Risk
WitchAvoid Risk
PhantomAvoid Risk
FlymeAvoid Risk
SkraggonAvoid Risk
BalloonAvoid Risk
StrawbyAvoid Risk
PakupakuAvoid Risk
MantisAvoid Risk
FlyrrelAvoid Risk
SocketAvoid Risk
KappaAvoid Risk
EyerollAvoid Risk
LanternAvoid Risk
Snow GirlAvoid Risk
BrollyAvoid Risk
Ore SlimeAvoid Risk
Ore KingAvoid Risk
MimicAvoid Risk
Dr. GillAvoid Risk
CannibisAvoid Risk
WightAvoid Risk
OctoblueAvoid Risk
DevilAvoid Risk
VolcanisAvoid Risk
ShadyAvoid Risk
LuciferAvoid Risk
Lucifer XAvoid Risk
DumboAvoid Risk
SandwyrmAvoid Risk
PeachesAvoid Risk
FrankieAvoid Risk
UFOAvoid Risk
KongAvoid Risk
VulpusAvoid Risk
KingAvoid Risk
Doss BossAvoid Risk

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