This page is for sharing skill point ratios you have found useful, or fun.


Class - brief description

  • POW/SPD/VIT/INT/LUK (optional: notes)
  • POW/SPD/VIT/INT/LUK (optional: notes)

Stats auto level up once every (POW+SPD+VIT+INT+LUK)/5 levels, carrying the remainder until they can upgrade. Only one auto upgrade per level will be made, even if more upgrades are possible.

Wizard - Lots of INT to make use of magic weapons.

  • 1/1/2/5/1 A little VIT to keep you alive.
  • 0/4/2/2/0 Maximizes hits to kill vs. hits to be killed for intellegence based attacks.
  • 0/4/2/3/1 More balanced version.

Battle Mage - Great for using enchanted weapons that provide physical and elemental attacks

  • 4/3/3/4/1

Ninja - Speed is Key

  • 4/4/3/2/2
  • 2/4/0/0/0 With Guts or Scapegoat for survivability. Mach Hit or Supermach are very helpful as well.
  • 3/6/0/0/1 Same as above, but with some added luck.

Warrior - Power based attacks, kill them before they kill you.

  • 2/4/2/0/0 Maximizes hits to kill vs. hits to be killed for power based attacks.
  • 3/4/2/0/1 More balanced version.

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