PRICE: 3564
STORE: 10.5 km

Stats For LevelEdit

Level Price Guard
1 3564 15
2 4055 16
3  ??? 17
4  ??? 18
5  ??? 19
6  ??? 20
7  ??? 21
8  ??? 22
9  ??? 23


With Weapon With Pet
Weapons Skills
Long SwordPower Up 10
StickAcc Up 20
Zap LanceElem Up 20
AxePower Up 20
HammerGuard Up 20
Monk StaffMGuard Up 20
Broad SwordPower Up 20
Beam SwordElem Up 20
Hot WingGuts
SawAcc Up 30
BroomCrit Up 30
BrushGold Digger
Duck WhipDemon Dash
Big StickKiller
Pets Skills
NoneEarly Bird
SlimeEarly Bird
AntagonyEarly Bird
Hell HareEarly Bird
Hot StuffEarly Bird
SpiderEarly Bird
Eye GuyEarly Bird
Mini BearEarly Bird
BatEarly Bird
MuddyEarly Bird
GargoyleEarly Bird
GrimmyEarly Bird
KillabeeEarly Bird
TriffidEarly Bird
BulbeyeEarly Bird
GiraffeEarly Bird
HarpieSpeed Up 20
BeetleEarly Bird
TreevilEarly Bird
Pink ShroomEarly Bird
StumpyEarly Bird
Mag ManEarly Bird
Cool GuyEarly Bird
Mega SlugEarly Bird
MermanEarly Bird
SheepishEarly Bird
OstrichEarly Bird
GolemEarly Bird
Lava GlobEarly Bird
BerserkerEarly Bird
ChimeraEarly Bird
LickyEarly Bird
SkeletonEarly Bird
ZombieEarly Bird
WraithEarly Bird
Death GodEarly Bird
UndineEarly Bird
Mr. GermsEarly Bird
CentaurEarly Bird
DragonEarly Bird
DaemonEarly Bird
Sir SlimeEarly Bird
PumpkinEarly Bird
DwarfEarly Bird
TrollEarly Bird
Fly EyeEarly Bird
TornadoEarly Bird
Eat RootEarly Bird
Black KnightEarly Bird
OctopusEarly Bird
SquidEarly Bird
MermaidEarly Bird
WispEarly Bird
Ice BirdEarly Bird
BehemothEarly Bird
GriffonEarly Bird
Green SlimeEarly Bird
MinotaurEarly Bird
SnowmanEarly Bird
SorcererEarly Bird
Green ShroomEarly Bird
MudmanEarly Bird
MummyEarly Bird
TerrapinEarly Bird
Sky DragonEarly Bird
FallenEarly Bird
Evil EyeEarly Bird
Gold KnightEarly Bird
Fire GolemEarly Bird
WitcherEarly Bird
Death RootEarly Bird
Black ShroomEarly Bird
PhoenixEarly Bird
AhrimanEarly Bird
MedusaEarly Bird
ZombleEarly Bird
Yellow DragonEarly Bird
BirdEarly Bird
BladeEarly Bird
CerberusEarly Bird
Poo SlimeEarly Bird
MagneyeEarly Bird
Death MageEarly Bird
Dark KnightEarly Bird
SatanEarly Bird
ScorpionEarly Bird
Gas CloudEarly Bird
Magma SlimeEarly Bird
Rot GodEarly Bird
MaskEarly Bird
GremlinEarly Bird
U JellyEarly Bird
Polar BearEarly Bird
Draco ManEarly Bird
Night MareEarly Bird
LionelEarly Bird
Night BirdEarly Bird
ShockerEarly Bird
Zap GolemEarly Bird
GenieEarly Bird
SkelliorEarly Bird
Snow GlobEarly Bird
GarudaEarly Bird
EyecicleEarly Bird
ViolantEarly Bird
Shell SlimeEarly Bird
Ice GolemEarly Bird
UnicornEarly Bird
Game OgreEarly Bird
Mad BirdEarly Bird
Eely DanEarly Bird
Blue DragonEarly Bird
FirezardEarly Bird
MerdineEarly Bird
GnomeEarly Bird
WyburnEarly Bird
SakuraEarly Bird
Duo SlimeEarly Bird
Death BugEarly Bird
YetiEarly Bird
GolemechEarly Bird
MonkeyEarly Bird
PokeyEarly Bird
BubblesEarly Bird
Pink SpiderEarly Bird
Gecko ManEarly Bird
BaalEarly Bird
HandselEarly Bird
AmmoniteEarly Bird
LamiaEarly Bird
CyclopsEarly Bird
Poke KingEarly Bird
LuminosEarly Bird
CavalrosEarly Bird
Red DevilEarly Bird
Blue DevilEarly Bird
SpiritEarly Bird
Black CatEarly Bird
WitchEarly Bird
PhantomEarly Bird
FlymeEarly Bird
SkraggonEarly Bird
BalloonEarly Bird
StrawbyEarly Bird
PakupakuEarly Bird
MantisEarly Bird
FlyrrelEarly Bird
SocketEarly Bird
KappaEarly Bird
EyerollEarly Bird
LanternEarly Bird
Snow GirlEarly Bird
BrollyEarly Bird
Ore SlimeEarly Bird
Ore KingEarly Bird
MimicEarly Bird
Dr. GillEarly Bird
CannibisEarly Bird
WightEarly Bird
OctoblueEarly Bird
DevilEarly Bird
VolcanisEarly Bird
ShadyEarly Bird
LuciferEarly Bird
Lucifer XEarly Bird
DumboEarly Bird
SandwyrmEarly Bird
PeachesEarly Bird
FrankieEarly Bird
UFOEarly Bird
KongEarly Bird
VulpusEarly Bird
KingEarly Bird
Doss BossEarly Bird

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