This shop sells armor and has a large shield for a sign. Each shop sells a different set of armor, and finding a new armor shop allows for upgraded armor to be bought at the previous shops. The upgrade increases the amount defense by one but the weight of the armor does not change. The shop can also be used to equip already bought armor.

The first armor shop is located at 0.9 km and after that every 1.2 km.

Discovering a new store makes previous items upgradable to a new level.

List of Armor Shops Edit

Distance: Armor 1 Armor 2 Armor 3 Armor 4 Armor 5
0.9 Hero ArmorRagsFabulousMagirobeDragon
2.1 NinjaHunt RobeShogunFrog SuitLeaf
3.3 Red ArmorIron ArmorPenguinSheepyPig Tails
4.5 Mage RobeSumo SuitRock ArmorThiefKendo
5.7 Holy RobeBuff ArmorKappaWind ArmorDna Suit
6.9 AngelPirateFishyGold ArmorSquid
8.1 SamuraiJacketVamp CapeArab RobeHare Suit
9.3 Lord RobeRibbonChef HatJudoCyborg
10.5 Hunt MonsterBoxerWhite RobeChickenHoot Suit
11.7 Lion HeartTuxedoSwindlerClownBone Cape
12.9 ApronRoachOgre FaceBikerNinomiya
14.1 FirejigZombieWolf SuitRed PantsInvisible Cloak
15.3 CardboxMermaid TailFly SuitMole ArmorGore Armor
16.5 TightsCluckCat EarsPriestBallet
17.7 UniformTaoistCamoBone SuitTrunks
18.9 QipaoDivinerSuper ManOnesieTanktop
20.1 KillerPrisonerMonkMilitantAfro
21.3 HockeyQueenlyHarem PantsDwarf ArmorSchoolboy
22.5 AssassinTora SuitPajamasExplorerKamen
23.7 TopknotOgre PantsPonytailHeat ArmorSnowhite
All armor available by here.
24.9 Hero ArmorRagsFabulousMagirobeDragon
26.1 NinjaHunt RobeShogunFrog SuitLeaf
27.3 Red ArmorIron ArmorPenguinSheepyPig Tails
28.5 Mage RobeSumo SuitRock ArmorThiefKendo
29.7 Holy RobeBuff ArmorKappaWind ArmorDna Suit
30.9 AngelPirateFishyGold ArmorSquid
32.1 SamuraiJacketVamp CapeArab RobeHare Suit
33.3 Lord RobeRibbonChef HatJudoCyborg
34.5 Hunt MonsterBoxerWhite RobeChickenHoot Suit
35.7 Lion HeartTuxedoSwindlerClownBone Cape
36.9 ApronRoachOgre FaceBikerNinomiya
37.1 FirejigZombieWolf SuitRed PantsInvisible Cloak

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